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Read the results from our survey of 100 UK-based HR professionals, across a range of organisation sizes and sectors. 

New survey report: The reality of HR

Understanding the biggest HR challenges and latest HR trends

With an ever changing HR landscape bringing new trends and challenges at every turn, we asked 100 HR professionals about their current roles, challenges, concerns and ways of working.

As well as investigating how to overcome ongoing operational pressures, to prioritise strategic thinking and leverage people data, the survey has also provided interesting insight into the perceived future of HR and the reality that many of us face day-in, day-out.

Are you facing the same HR challenges?

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  • Top priorities for HR professionals over the next 12 months
  • Five very distinct HR trends likely to impact your business 
  • How top HR objectives are interlinked with the latest trends
  • HR’s confidence in existing technology and data quality
  • HR’s view on inter-department collaboration
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35% of you will be too busy to read this report

As for the rest of you? Well, grab yourself a cuppa and give yourself a moment to have a good read. Hearing that others face similar challenges and gaining a quick snapshot into the future of HR is well worth it.

22% rank inefficiency as the biggest HR challenge

With nearly a quarter of HR professionals in agreement on the biggest HR challenge, it’s clear that admin is a frustration, getting in the way of productivity, with inefficiency being identified as the biggest obstacle.

31% prioritising collaboration tools

Integrated collaboration tools and better reporting go hand-in-hand with future expectations, with nearly a third of HR professionals keen to invest in technology to drive connected working.