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HR software that helps you build a efficient, more productive and more engaging workplace, where everyone in your organisation can thrive. 

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Say hello to a new generation of HR software, supporting you at every stage of the employee lifecycle

At Access, we've designed our HR software to work your way. Choose the tools & functionality that make a real difference, but with the flexibility to adapt and extend your solution as your needs evolve.

So whether you need to create new, or streamline existing processes, facilitate better communication or get the data and insight at your fingertips to make more informed decisions, Access have you covered.

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  • HR self-service that empowers employees
  • Power HR analytics and actionable data
  • Rich functionality, tailored to your business’ needs
  • The ability to integrate with Payroll, Recruitment, Finance, Expenses and more
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Eliminate departmental barriers

With the ability to bring together all your core business software,including HR, payroll, finance and more, you can connect people, data and processes across your organisation. 

Engage every employee, every day

Eliminate poor user adoption and low engagement with a new generation of employee and manager self-service, facilitated by a series of intuitive apps designed for specific roles. 

Drive efficiency and accuracy

Ensure everyone is working off a single source of data, meaning you won’t have to rely on others to get the up to date information and reports you require for accurate tracking and decision making.