Beautifully simple expense management software

Manage your business and travel expenses with ease


“We no longer need to archive paper-based claims for 5 years. This reduces clutter and is going to reduce our offsite archiving costs”

Sian Hickman, Purchase Ledger Team Leader Peninsula Business Services

Save £10,000 over a year

• Submit expenses online and on the move with our mobile app

• Avoid expense approval bottlenecks

• Track your tax liability and comply with HMRC rules

• Custom reporting helps you to monitor trends & business spend

• Enforce your business expense policies

• Easy setup and integration with your existing Finance software

Our clients
Stop manually rekeying expenses

Inputting information from receipts and forms keeps Finance busy for days. Free your team from manual processes which take them away from important business-critical activities.

Get better reporting and data

You need to submit a company expense spend report on a tight deadline but you have to consult 4 separate spreadsheets as well as the finance system. Save time, find your information in one place and keep your board happy.

Meet HMRC tax rules

You submit your VAT reclaims and P11D forms, but don’t feel 100% confident that they're error free. Don't risk discrepancies which may lead to fines - track your tax liability with simple expense management software.